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The Wimbledon Tennis Championships | Richard Beese

Richard Beese Wimbledon TournamentWimbledon is the most famous tennis competition has been held at the old England club since 1887 which makes it one of the oldest tournaments in the world. Because of its incredible popularity the tournament is widely regarded as the world cup of tennis. Every tennis player has dreams of winning this tournament at least once, which was early accomplished by the many tournament legends. Wimbledon is the third or fourth grand slam event that is played each year on the professional tennis tour. It is preceded by the Australian open and French open and followed by the US open. It is the only grand slam event played on the grass...

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Novak Djokovic Reaches for the Stars | Richard Beese


Tennis is always a great game to play; it is no different to any other sports, it is made up of four diRichard Beese Djokovicstinctive elements, these are technical, tactical, physical, and mental. In case of tennis each of these elements can easily be put forward as being the most important for success. However, most difficult to manage during a match is the mental aspect of the game. The mental aspect of tennis is so important because it can influence a large number of things during a match, good or bad.  It can influence your own performance, your opponent performance, the next point, the crowd, the state of mind, when you leave the tennis court. So

when we see a great player playing his game he is obviously filled with this quality which make them distinctive from other...

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