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Richard Beese Chile TeamThe Chilean’s first participated in the Copa America in 1916. The South American are expected to provide stiff competition in the fight for the title and hopefully defends it successfully. The South American finished four consecutive times in 1916, 1917, 1919, 1920. Throughout these four years they hadn’t won a match in the competition, and had registered only two draws. The rest were defeated. In 1921 they withdrew from the tournament due to internal problems with the team and then again they reappeared in 1922 and finished fifth. They again withdrew in 1923 and reappeared in 1924 to claim the fourth spot.

Slowly but surely La Roja start improving the tournament and finally won their first ever Copa America title in 2015 when they beat rivals Argentina in the finale. In total the Chileans have won two Copa America title played 68 matches, won 27, drawn 14, scored 99 goals and concede 80 in their history.

The Chilean’s national team has been managed by former Spain international strikes Juan antonio pizzi torroja. He won the Spanish super cup in 1996, Copa Del Rey in 1997 and the UEFA super cup. Internationally, he made 22 caps for Spain scored eight goals in the process. He was named as the head coach of Chile’s on 29 January 2016 as Jorge’s Sampaoli replacement, and will be looking to walk the footsteps of his predecessor on his debut as he guides the South America giants to yet another Copa America title.

The Chilean’s national team has again celebrated the victory for winning its second Copa America title 2016 by yet again defeating its arch rival Argentina. The Argentina striker missed it penalty kick en route to Chile’s 4-2 victory shootout victory after 120 minutes of scoreless play. It was the third straight loss of the Argentina in the final of the major tournament and the heartbreak was apparently enough to force Messi for its retirement from the international play. The 29 year old told reporters in Spanish after the match that “National team is over for me”. It’s not for me after four finals. Despite his distinction as one of the best in the world, Messi has yet again to win a major tournament for Argentina. Copa America finale was the second time in as many years that Argentina lost to Chile in the finals on the penalty kicks. Argentina choked in yet another final as holders Chile successfully defends their Copa America title after winning on penalty kicks. Lionel Messi and Lucas Biglia both missed from the spot as La Roja were crowned for the second time.  Having romped their way to the finals with 18 scored goals, this was supposed to be Argentina’s year to lift the major trophy But unfortunately  Chile blew it and endured a huge heart break for the third consecutive major final.

Chile, a kind of underdogs in the game, did well to keep Messi and Co at bay, although they spurned a few good chances of their own. The match headed into the extra time after finishing deadlock at 0-0 but produced not outright winner, leaving the prospectus of a plenty shoot out decider as it was the case in 2015 also.

Arturo Vidal has missed the opening kick for Chile, but Messi Shockingly failed to take advantage of it as he blasted the goal over the bar. The score line then read in 3-2 in the favor of Chile.

As we all know the in the game one has to win and another has to lose, so we should always play the game with the sportsmanship, because it is quite shocking that after losing the game Messi has given a statement that he will retire from international game, there will be lots of other matches that he can win in the future, because only losing one or two game we cannot decide our fate, no one knew what is stored in the future, so quit is not the option, just hit a target harder after this. So there will be no chances of your loosing the game. Richard Beese loves this game so one the one side, he is happy and other side, he is sad about the Messi. So we can just say that we need to move from our failure and try to win our next target.

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