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Richard Beese Wrestling

Richard Beese is always curious about different games. Games are of different kinds some are good for mental health and others are essential for physical health. Richard Beese describes the game Wrestling.

Wrestling represents one of the oldest forms of combat. Wrestling is a game about strength. A wrestling game is a physical competition that is basically performed between two competitors. Both competitors that take participate in wrestling attempt to achieve and maintain a superior position . There are a number of styles wrestling with varying rules with both traditional historic and modern styles. Basically this sport can be of two types as –

1. Theatrical for entertainment
2. Competitive Wrestling techniques

Richard Beese describes that to win the Wrestling game, one should be aware of the techniques and styles completely. Wrestling styles can be categorized according to five basic required criteria. These five criteria’s are as follows –

1. Break-stance – It involves forcing an opponent to relinquish a position
2. Toppling – This involves forcing an opponent to touch the ground with a part of the body apart from the feet.
3. Touch-fall – It involves forcing an opponent into a specified position.
4. Pin-fall – It involves holding an opponent for a certain period of time, once thrown in a specified position.
5. Submission – That involves forcing an opponent to admit defeat.

Richard Beese considers wrestling as a very interesting sport that is gaining popularity all over the world. Today, we can see that various countries send national wrestling teams to the Olympics. These countries include Russia, Iran, Turkey, Mongolia, Azerbaijan, Gambia and the United States.

The UWW has described the two categories of wrestling discipline. That are –

• International wrestling disciplines
• folk wrestling disciplines

The UWW currently recognizes six wrestling disciplines in all. That is as follows –

• Greco-Roman wrestling,
• Men’s freestyle wrestling
• Female wrestling
• Amateur pankration
• Belt wrestling
• Beach wrestling

Richard Beese believes that strength training and chain wrestling are extremely important to become a great wrestler. Weight training is very important for athletes, having many benefits. It offers various advantages to an athlete. It actually helps to build self-confidence and self-assurance for wrestler on the mat as well as in real life. Training helps to make bones stronger and that can also help to prevent sports-related injuries

Richard Beese suggests some prevention from injuries that can occur due to this game. As Wrestling is a physically demanding sport. So, Injuries are very common in wrestling. There are things that you can do to prevent injuries. In some conditions, a wrestling injury cannot be avoided at all, At that point, the wrestlers have to decide whether to take some time off or continue wrestling. Any injury should be evaluated by a trainer and/or a doctor. In case of injury, the first course of action should be to take some time off and allow your injury to heal. So, everyone should follow proper rules and regulation to enjoy this amazing sport called Wrestling.


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