Basics of Badminton By Richard Beese

Richard Beese Badminton SportBadminton is the one of the most famous and popular games over a thousand of sporting activities in the world. Badminton games can be stand with or without any professional training. Hence, you may enjoy this game everywhere with a court size space. Any outgoing activity may have a badminton set as a good companion for the day of fun. Badminton is a fantastic sport. Richard Beese also loves this game because it is a great fun and a good opportunity to socialize with the people. It is a historical game packed with loads of fun and folly with intelligence quotient too required to win. Badminton apart from its heritage and history is also a game of fitness of ages. Badminton is a user friendly game, in the sense that it can be played either on a small scale level indoors, or in large scale in badminton, court in clubs/ sports grounds etc. Games can be categorized as mind games and body games. A mind game is mostly played indoors and does not have anything to do with the body. They prove intelligence of a person and teach them how to think. Whereas body games gives fitness and health to your body, but there are few games which feeds you both your mind and body and badminton is one such prominent game.

Badminton can be rightly defined as the game of body and mind. Well playing badminton burns your calories to a drastic level which is right choice to loose in an interesting way. Another important factor of badminton is its versatility. Badminton does not have an age limit. Anyone can play badminton, playing it unofficially does not even needs to rules to follow. Just smashing the little shuttle cork left and right will make a good game. This is not in the case of other games. One should understand the basic rules of these interesting games. Once you learn the rule and start to play, you will understand the intelligence involved in the game. A single move has to be taken with precaution and a calculation that you don’t lose the game. In this way it helps to nurture your mind. This badminton is an excellent game and it is gaining importance day by day in all parts of the world.

There are a few important basics as a beginner; we have to learn to master the skills of badminton. There are few different skills in badminton. However, learning the basic is more important before you master more complex skills like net plays, smashes and jump smashes. Various skill areas:

Gripping: Before stepping in badminton we must know the correct way of holding a racket. If you are not gripping your racket correctly, you are not able to insert maximum power into your badminton stroke. Beside that you, will not able to perform quality shots.

Footwork:  Footwork is very important to move faster on the badminton court. Think of this as “Traveling with lesser steps” Organized footwork allows you to move around the court efficiently to retrieve shots. It allows you to reach your opponent shots before it hits the ground.

Forehand Stroke: If you can hit a forehand stroke, you will be able to do a badminton clear, drop and smash.

Badminton Clear: Clearing is the most defensive shots in badminton, badminton clear is a shot where you hit the shuttle, high up into the air and lands at the back of your opponent courts.

Badminton Drop: Apart from a good defensive shot, learn semi defensive/ offensive shots to win rallies.

First of all one should be aware of the tools and equipment’s needed to prepare in order to compromise a good badminton set. Since badminton is mainly racket sport game, hence the racket should be the main equipment. Secondly badminton strings can be said as an inevitable part of the racket, without it the racket just can’t be performed and it is like empty frame. Lastly the more you play, the more you will get perfect in this game. Badminton is a fun if you learn how to play perfectly. Learn more about the technique which helps you to become the most respectable player of the badminton. So you have to good in your entire stroke, techniques, in your all games and in your session.

Make your strokes so smashed by your practice and your mind so thoughtful that your opponent will break. So play this game because it will provide you mind and body strength to the core.


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  • Basics of Badminton By Richard Beese - richardb...  says:

    […] Badminton is a user-friendly game, in the sense that it can be played either in a small scale level indoors (courtyard of the house) or in large scale in badminton courts in clubs/ sports grounds etc.  […]

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