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Tennis is always a great game to play; it is no different to any other sports, it is made up of four diRichard Beese Djokovicstinctive elements, these are technical, tactical, physical, and mental. In case of tennis each of these elements can easily be put forward as being the most important for success. However, most difficult to manage during a match is the mental aspect of the game. The mental aspect of tennis is so important because it can influence a large number of things during a match, good or bad.  It can influence your own performance, your opponent performance, the next point, the crowd, the state of mind, when you leave the tennis court. So

when we see a great player playing his game he is obviously filled with this quality which make them distinctive from other player. So that’s why Richard Beese says the name Novak Djokovic, when he plays his game. He keeps his game above all others. Novak is one such great player of tennis game, which is loved by everyone.

He is born 1987 in Belgrade, Serbia. He had a long journey in becoming the champion. He is only four years old, when he first picks the tennis racket and by the age of seven he has already built the hunger for winning. His family provided him with the sufficient support, but he always knew if he ever wanted to champion, he should start thinking like one. Aged 13, Novak moved to Germany, where he pursued to upgrade his game and start his youth international career. He always wants to be placed in top 40 junior tennis players in the world by winning five ITF tournaments at the age of sixteen. It was the time of young athletes to join the big league. He always knew that he had the potential and from then on it was all about motivation and the desire to win.

In 2005 he entered Wimbledon as a qualifier and created to the third round, afterward propelling himself into the highest a hundred in tennis. once winning his second master title in Montreal and beating all 3 players on his way to the title, Djokovic finished 2007 at number three in 2007 on ATP list. this would already make him an excellent tale. however there are more the young dreamer had to indicate to the world. He took his game to a better level, each on the court and within his head. 2011 has come back and Djokovic has matured mentally still as physically. The unbelievable streak of {43|forty three} games while not a loss and three slam titles took Novak to the long awaited number one position.

The ever smiling child in the body of an adult has made its ways to the heart of  many as Novak Djokovic uses his fame and  tennis success  to help those who are in need. His skill, his personality, and his charisma made him a role model for many children. Richard Beese admires Novak for this social work of him. If people recognize Roger Federer is in the pantheon of a tennis player and what he’s achieved, now it is the time of Novak, who is raising his game, to win each and every game he played. Novak wins his 12th major title and become the first man since Rod Laver in 1969 to win all the four grand slam.  He wins the first French open title and completed the career grand slam at once. By winning the one grand slam that had eluded him, Djokovic becomes just the eight men – and the   fourth in the open era – to win all major titles. It took eight years to complete the set after winning his first major at 2008 Australia open. Even more impressive Djokovic become the first men to complete a “non- calendar slam” winning the four major in succession but across two calendar years. Djokovic also has a major opportunity to achieve something that no men till has achieved, winning all the four major titles and Olympic gold in the same calendar year. He jumps to equal fourth on the all time list alongside Australian Roy Emerson and behind only Federer, Sampson, and Nadal. In winning another grand slam final against Murray, Djokovic increased his dominance over his biggest rival.

He holds something that none of his peers can boast – a winning head to head career records against Federer (23-22), Nadal (26-23), Murray (24-10) and Stan Wawrinka (19-4).He is at top of the ranking for almost 2 years straight now and given the gap he is at top now, and it is likely to be for a long time before the reign over. Djokovic has won now six of the eight grand slams and he hasn’t missed a quarter final in the past seven years. So everything is possible according to him, so be persistent and make your work harder towards to achieve your goal, because at the end it is your success that speak, and make your efforts, believe in yourself because the winner is the one who believe in victory more.

You have to be consistently being successful to be one of the top players in the world, and everything is possible in your life, you just have to believe in yourself and the efforts you make towards to it.


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