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Philippine Basketball Association 2

Philippine Basketball Association : League

Philippine Basketball AssociationRichard Beese is a great basketball player. He loves to play and watch basketball matches. He never misses a chance to participate in sports related events and inspire others to do the same. The Philippine basketball association is a professional basketball league in Philippines.  This is actually a men’s basketball league having 12 teams. In Asia, This is known as the first professional basketball league.  The league has played its first game in the year of 1975, on 9th April. It was played at the Araneta coliseum in Quezon City.  The Commisioner Chito Narvasa is the current head of the League. Its main office is actually located in Quezon City.

Philippine Basketball Association league 2016 – 2017

The current 2016 – 2017 session of this league has started on 20th November 2016...

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Richard Beese | Basketball – A Sport For Every Age

Richard Beese BasketballBasketball is a most popular indoor game played around the globe, and everyone is having fun watching an intense playoff between teams trying to beat each other. This is also an art which is considered as an air ballet. Indeed, this is the sport that the player will astonish you with the higher jumps while trying to twirl in the mid air to shoot the ball. Basketball is played at school or college level both.  There are small yet very great player. A lot of people get discouraged with the issue of height, but you don’t need to be tall for playing this game. Basketball require hard work, dedication, and consistent training, it is a well known fact that constant practice makes a person perfect for any sport...

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